About US

About Us

The Burrow Group Limited was formed in October 2019.  We are a small team of associates that specialize in ecommerce solutions.  

We came together to do something to make life a little easier for everyone.  Shortly after we formed, the global pandemic struck, so like many other people, we had to explore different ways in which we could help.  wishalogue.com and pluginwishlist.com are owned and managed by The Burrow Group Limit. The founders come from large families and shared in the frustration of trying to find great gifts for all their family and friends.  Their thinking is that if everyone can have a wish list, it takes a great deal of hassle out of what should be a great experience. 


Our mission is to just make like a little easier for everyone, by developing solutions that take away some of the little frustrations in life.


Our vision is make the experience of giving and receiving gifts as pleasurable and as easy as possible, so that searching for the right gift is much easier and receiving more than just socks, smellies and chocolate becomes the norm.

Imagine this in your store, when customers hesitate.

Not sure? Add it to your wish list and come back later.

More visits, more sales.
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